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Bianchet is a Swiss contemporary haute horlogerie brand co-founded by Rodolfo Festa Bianchet and his wife Emmanuelle.

Rodolfo Festa Bianchet was the founder and the CEO of Riflexo JSC, the software company that developed the first online trading application for mobile phones: Trade Interceptor.

Emmanuelle Festa Bianchet was born to a French family of artists and musicians in Rome. As a pianist, she attended the conservatory, she is also an accomplished painter and sculptor, exhibiting in art galleries, her work as an artist was deeply influenced by the concept of harmony and its connection with the world of music and visual arts.

Rodolfo and Emmanuelle have always been fascinated by the universal beauty that radiates from the Golden Ratio of 1.618 and the Fibonacci sequence.

In 2017, the couple sold their software firm to a US company. After this, Rodolfo and Emmanuelle ventured into watchmaking and co-founded a new Swiss luxury watch brand named Bianchet. They have chosen the design principles based on the so-called divine ratio and the Fibonacci sequence to build their watches.

Known as “The Divine Proportion”, the Golden Number 1.618 is found in some of the most harmonious and everlasting creations in art, architecture, music as well as in nature.

Focused on re-engineering a timepiece by applying the Golden Ratio to contemporary watchmaking, Bianchet breaks free from the classical and traditional culture with which the iconic number 1.618 has generally been associated. The brand applies the Golden Ratio to a totally modern conception, using the materials, manufacturing techniques and performances of today, in the respect of centuries of high horology know-how.

Every Bianchet watch is designed, crafted, produced, and finished by hand entirely in Switzerland, including the strap and buckle.



Address: Rue de la Promenade-Noire 1, 2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)79 306 77 20