Independent Watch Brand


Jérôme de Witt is the founder of the DeWitt manufacture and inventor of the 400 models created in eleven years with the engineers and designers of the Research and Development department. His wife, Viviane de Witt, former owner and manager of a Paris auction house, author of four books on art, including two on jewellers, joined the company in March 2012. Today the couple runs the manufacture in harmony with respect for values and men, in a constant search for beauty, outstanding quality, and the most advanced horological innovations.

Building on an unprecedented historical legacy, Montres DeWitt has been dedicated since its creation to perpetuating its passion for fine watchmaking, fuelled by a constantly evolving and innovative spirit. Endowed with a horological legitimacy dating back to the 18th century and to the heart of the empire ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte, the noble watchmaking House is dedicated to conceiving and developing – in keeping with the finest traditions of Swiss hand craftsmanship – a range of highly exclusive timepieces imbued with a powerful identity blending refinement and the avant-garde.

Through their prestigious aesthetics and their extremely inventive technology, backed by numerous patents filed to protect their innovative features, DeWitt creations have enjoyed an unabated degree of international success. This enviable reputation first and foremost reflects a fascinating human adventure and the determination of men and women passionately dedicated to their art and who lavish particular and personalised attention on each horological creation – thereby endowing them truly exceptional value. At DeWitt, each timepiece is placed under the exclusive supervision of a single outstanding master-watchmaker, who acts as a guardian of the Brand’s unfailing respect for its fundamental values

Passion, tradition, creativity, integrity and horological excellence: such are the ethical values cultivated by DeWitt within a deliberately daring brand vision – that of nurturing a different, noble and authentic breed of Haute Horlogerie merging time-honoured know-how with exceptional technical expertise.



Address: Rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine 2, 1217 Meyrin,, Geneva, Switzerland