Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein

The collaboration between Louis Erard and Alain Silberstein started in 2019 when the first limited edition was launched. Based on the emblematic Le Régulateur, Louis Erard presented a bold take on the simple yet alluring regulator watch. Using the signature red-yellow-and-blue colour scheme and geometric shapes Alain Silberstein is known for, it turned out to be a very fun watch.

While that very first collaboration piece was presented on its own (in black or white), with a typical round case, it was the start of something fresh and new for Louis Erard. What followed were several more interesting limited editions with industry legends such as Eric Giroud and Vianney Halter, all based on that same split-time display.

Unsurprisingly, the brand wasn’t done playing around with fresh colours and shapes, as in 2021 the Le Tryptique Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein caused quite a sensation. Gone was the classical shaped case, as we welcomed a very modern and expressively shaped case in grade 2 and grade 5 titanium. We once again saw the Le Régulateur being turned into something playful, but also the brand’s monopusher chronograph. 

The proverbial icing on the cake was the La Semaine, with a smiley-faced indication for the day of the week that gradually gets more excited as the weekend approaches.

Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein

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Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein

Le Régulateur Unique Prototype
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