Independent Watch Brand


«Giving sense to the beauty», this is the vision of the Kerbedanz, located in the capital of the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. This is achieved by combining the symbolisms, a path as yet unexplored in a traditional Swiss watchmaking industry. This unusual approach differentiates it from everything that is done in the area of high watchmaking of mechanical obedience.

By founding Kerbedanz, its current president Tigran Kerbedanz, firstly makes an eponymous tribute to his ancestor, to the origin of the family dynasty famous in the world of know-how coming from traditional goldsmith’s haute art. Then he refers to the etymology of his name Kerbedanz – the heirs of Karabed -which means the leader, the precursor. It turns out that these two terms come into perfect harmony with the spirit of the brand: leader in its hardliner attachment in the values of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, precursor in its concept which consists in transcending in an unheard tone, universal experiences and their immutable symbols.

Having already designed and manufactured more than a hundred models for MIP, these Most Important People who are statesmen or first class personalities, whatever are their areas of influence, it is on the way of unique pieces and ultra limited series that Kerbedanz brand explores the history of civilization. The historical universes where jostle cultural and geographical allusions, peculiarities which are locally circumscribed to their original cradles or, conversely, globally universal. As a result, this rare and precious timepieces turn into concentrates of initiatory journey.

Aram Petrosyan is the chief designer of the brand. In 2015, Kerbedanz introduced its watch collections at Baselworld jewellery and watch fair in Switzerland.



Address: Rue Pury 8, 2000, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Phone: +41 32 725 18 10