Konstantin Chaykin

Audacity, Skill and Ingenuity

The history of the Russian watch brand “Konstantin Chaykin” began on 23rd October 2003 when a young and ambitious inventor from St. Petersburg discovered his passion for the world of mechanical complications, intending to create the first watch with a tourbillon in Russia for 175 years. Starting with the repair and restoration of table clocks and wristwatches, he thoroughly mastered all the subtleties of creating mechanisms and methods for manufacturing watch parts. He was guided by the desire to create new, unprecedented masterpieces of haute horlogerie. In 2005 Konstantin Chaykin registered his first patent for his Orthodox Easter computus, which automatically calculates and displays the dates of the Orthodox Easter. As of February 2020, the number of patents in his portfolio stands at 79, with a further 62 utility model patents, the most of anybody in the watchmaking industry.

His global renown comes from inventions never before seen, such as timepieces with a Muslim calendar, with an Orthodox Easter date indicator, with a spherical moonphase indicator (the largest ever created for a wristwatch), with a moving image projector, and with a single switchable hour-minute hand.

We are not only reviving Russian haute horlogerie but we also are a part of the global watch industry.

The real breakthrough for Konstantin Chaykin in haute horlogerie was the “Joker” watch he created with the dial as a face, with hours and minutes indicated by rotating eyes along with the now instantly recognisable Konstantin Chaykin trademark, the smiling moonphase indicator.

The rate of production at Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory is around 100 pieces per year. The production of one exclusive custom-made timepiece takes from eight months to a few years. We work on each timepiece as an artist works on a painting, therefore each object is unique.

The Complete Rejection of Anonymous Mass Production

Over the years Konstantin Chaykin has gathered a team of professionals who share his passion for perfection and beauty in the art of fine watchmaking. That’s how the first manufactory of haute horlogerie in modern Russia was born.

Today under Chaykin’s leadership there is a well-coordinated team of just over 10 people. Together they develop the latest watch masterpieces, reviving the classic traditions of watchmaking based on the values of master craftsmen.

Watchmaking Heritage

Konstantin Chaykin’s Manufactory building is located in a uniquely historical part of Moscow, next to the picturesque Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.

Such a place holds great meaning for us, as the bells of the clocktower here ring out the time every hour.

In Kolomenskoye one can find the only exhibition in Russia dedicated to clocktower mechanisms of the 16th – 19th Centuries.

Among the unique displays are the oldest surviving hand-made mechanism of Russian craftsman Semyon Chasovik, which he made in 1539 for the Solovetsky Monastery, as well as an anchor mechanism from the Pafnutiev Borovsky Monastery made by Rezantsov. A visit to the Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory is a journey into the world of time. In the modern two-storey mansion one can find a space for engineers, a design department, a department for the design and development of calibres, as well as an assembly and testing workshop. The latest computer-controlled metal-cutting machinery is located on the ground floor, where all components are manufactured.

On the second floor, the inner workings of the watch are assembled before everything is finally put together ready for quality control. With all departments under one roof, specialists from different areas can readily interact and exchange their skills. This also helps create the unique artistic atmosphere of the manufactory.

Iconic models:


Konstantin Chaykin


Konstantin Chaykin


Konstantin Chaykin


Konstantin Chaykin
Konstantin Chaykin

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Konstantin Chaykin

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