Independent Watch Brand


The company was started by two young but established watchmakers—Cyrano Devanthey and Dominique Buser, who first spoke about making a watch back when they were in school together—take the heritage and legacy of Swiss watchmaking a step further.

This traditionally trained duo first sought out to find and then restore the types of watchmaking machines generations of watchmakers before them had used and perfected. They then set down a path to design and build a watch that represents their modern point of view but is entirely handcrafted using the tools of the past.

Along with a small team of watchmakers, including two recent graduates—David Friedli and Jonas Plüss—and a little help from watchmaker friends, in 2016 they released their debut watch, the stunning L’instant de Vérité (the Moment of Truth). Built and assembled by hand, the L’instant de Vérité features a proprietary manually wound mechanical movement. Working entirely by hand takes time, and limits production to ten watches a year.



Address: Heinrich Wehrli-Strasse 7, 5033 Buchs AG, Switzerland
Phone: +41 56 282 22 30