Pierre Kunz

Pierre Kunz's story is the source of inspiration for every person, involved in the watchmaking industry. The way of Kunz, the talanted watchmaker, seems to be a traditional one. 

He studied in the celebrated Vallee de Joux watchmaking school and learned the secrets of horology at an early age. Having finished his studies, Pierre Kunz worked in the workshop, that was involved in the production of mechanical complications. However, the name of this brand is not widely known, because it has never produced the models, called Victorian Piguet. 

Victorian Piguet company constructed complicated basic mechanisms, and such elements of the movements as repeater, perpetual calendar, single-bottom chronographs and so on. In this workshop Kunz was constructing such complicated movements. The years, that he spent in  Victorian Piguet and later in  Franck Muller Group companies, helped the watchmaker to fulfil himself. One interesting fact, concerning the foundation of new Pierre Kunz company, should be mentioned here. 

The matter is, that the watchmaker's ideas were so highly appreciated by the public, that the management companies gave Kunz an opportunity to establish his own brand within the scope of  Franck Muller Group. In the early 2000s, Franck Muller offered him the chance to create his own models at the famous Watchland Park at Genthod.

Pierre Kunz managed to create absolutely exclusive models, extremely complicated. More over, he gave a dare, having developed such incomparable masterpieces. 

The watches, created by him, became the embodiment of 20-year experience in the sphere of the perfect mechanisms development. Kunz has brightened up the strict classical mechanics by adding one or several zones (sub-dials), at the same time maintaining the clearness and simplicity of the time reading systems. 

For many years a lot of watchmakers have been trying to combine as many complications as possible in a single model. In addition, the numerous sub-dials, windows and hands can disorientate a person, so it would be more difficult to determine the time. 

Pierre Kunz managed to solve the assigned task, having created the super-complicated watches with the original dials, that allow you to read the time easily.

Pierre Kunz