Independent Watch Brand


Trilobe is a creative independent watchmaker launched in France in 2018 by Gautier Massonneau.

Born in 1990, Gautier Massonneau is a graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine and the Ponts et Chaussées. He began his career in the world of infrastructure financing (power plants and desalination plants), first in Japan, then in the Middle East and Dubai. At first glance, this seems worlds apart from fine watchmaking, but Massonneau's experience here was to form the basis for his approach to the complexity, engineering and temporality of developing his watchmaking project.

This stage of his professional life was also a time for many unexpected journeys and opportunities to shake up his cultural perspectives. Son of an architect and interior designer, Massonneau drew on his inborn instincts to mine inspiration from his varied travels, creating a broad design mindset allowing him to mix materials and shapes while respecting tradition, always with an affinity for beauty and complexity.

When it came to buying his first serious watch, Gautier Massonneau faced a challenge: today’s watchmaking world tends to focus on two extremes, with tradition on the one hand and innovation on the other. This results in an abundant and increasingly sophisticated product offering, from a technical point of view, but Gautier Massonneau was looking for something more reinventive. He then decided to develop his own watch. He determined that the watch would lie between total disruption and mindless continuity; it would be different, beautiful and timeless, with a strongly classic design.

The Trilobe project was born in 2013 and the brand was officially launched in 2018 in Paris.

The Trilobe watch was born of a desire to explore all the possibilities of the watchmaking universe. It defies the codes of traditional watchmaking, with a completely novel display and a new way to tell the time. Gone are the hands and preconceived ideas. Time itself is set in motion, while the indicators remain fixed.

This original way of displaying hours, minutes and seconds is made possible by the X-Centric calibre – an automatic movement designed and developed exclusively for Trilobe. The X-Centric calibre is a watchmaking innovation, precision and Swiss craftsmanship compendium pushing back the boundaries of time. 

Trilobe’s creations reflect an affinity for the arts, whether literature or architecture and issue an invitation to eternal curiosity and questioning.A horological iconoclast, intent on breaking free of traditional watchmaking. A new way of telling the time, poetry on the wrist, an emotional connection. Trilobe is all that, and much more.