Independent Watch Brand


The Vanguart brand was founded by four men: Thierry Fisher, Jeremy Frelechox, Axel Leuenberger and Mehmet Korutürk. Axel Leuenberger, the CEO with experience at APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud Papi), is behind the conception of the watch. 

Thierry Fisher is the creative director. Jeremy Frelechox is the CTO and has 15 years of experience at APRP and six years at Girard-Perregaux. And finally, Mehmet Korutürk, Chairman of Vanguart, has a background in finance and was working for a private equity company that owned an F1 team.

At Vanguart, it is a careful thought about the future that stimulates the creativity. The brand's first masterpiece, the Black Hole Tourbillon, is the first achievement of the challenge the brand's founders set themselves: to realize their most extraordinary ideas, to bend the rules and to defy the boundaries of the possible.

Giving shape to the gravitational waves and the curvature of the spacetime is the architectural concept of the Black Hole watch. The whole mechanism seems to collapse under an intense force of attraction. In its center levitates the Flying Tourbillon.

The time is displayed by 3 coaxial disks. One for the hours and two for the minutes. The reading is done horizontally, at the left side of the vortex, indicated by an arrow. The flying tourbillon is slightly shifted to optimize the reading. The discs performs their rotation sequence each minute. The speed of the rotation was designed to admire the vortex effect and to contemplate the dance of time.