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A. Favre & Fils

Favre & Fils is a Swiss luxury watch brand. The Favre family’s skills and passion for fine watches have been handed down from father to son for ten generations, since 1718. 

Under the banner ‘Always Forward: Quest for the Absolute’, A. Favre & Fils has remained at the forefront of watch-making innovation, pioneering new solutions. To celebrate our 300th anniversary, Laurent Favre, CEO of A. Favre & Fils, has announced the creation of a first limited edition of handcrafted crypto-mechanical timepieces which incorporate a built-in crypto-currency cold wallet and a state-of-the-art proprietary security solution. 

A business that has prospered for three centuries, passed down from father to son without interruption through ten generations: the family is steeped in the watchmaking tradition, imbued with a passion for the craft. 

The Favre family have always pushed the boundaries – first as merchants, then as manufacturers and now as entrepreneurs. The company’s proud heritage is the result of much hard work. The family managed to achieve their great successes despite the challenging times many of them lived through and the long journeys they made around the globe. 

Throughout the ages, to this day, the business has adhered to three overriding values: Trust, Beauty and Innovation. Trust and Beauty are the foundation of a fine timepiece: Trust drives quality, reliability and durability. Beauty is the “must have” that defines a watch as a masterpiece. Finally, Innovation – the constant quest for new ways to improve the old, as summed up by eighth-generation family member Henry-A. Favre when he said: “Always forward, quest for the absolute!”. 

An exceptional 300-year history shaped by ten generations of watchmakers, from Abraham Favre, the creator of the family’s first masterpieces, to Laurent Favre, the current founder of A. Favre & Fils.

A. Favre & Fils


Address: Passage des Lions 6, Geneva 1204, Switzerland
Phone: +41 791278970