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Alchemists Watches

Alchemists is an independent watchmaking Maison aimed at creating exceptional and exclusive, high-end timepieces following traditional horological art’s savoir-faire, imagined around a contemporary approach of our relation to time. Its watchmaking application was named Mechanical Healing.

Villa Jolimont, the Alchemists’ birthplace, allies Traditions and Modernity, illustrated by the Old Workshop and the New Workshop, working in harmony.

Villa Jolimont, once called the “Castle Jolimont”, is a 2400sqm residence imagined by Mr. Ephrem Jobin, prefect of the Franches-Montagnes, and in which he once lived with his family. Villa Jolimont’s construction started in 1906 and ended in 1909.

In 2008 Fabrice Thüler acquired the building and undertook major construction works to restore its letters of nobility to the building. The goal is to create a showcase for Swiss watchmaking. Mr. Thüler’s ambition was to create an underground manufacture that could ensure the production of all the components of a watch, thus allowing greater independence in the future.

Alchemists is one of the smallest contemporary watchmaking productions. The organization and its will to remain “small” to preserve a simple and essential life philosophy, guided the quantitative and qualitative production choices.

This approach contrasts with other Maisons’ organization and Alchemists aims at maintaining a team of less than 10 people.

The Alchemists don’t offer limited edition timepieces, the production limits itself. With less than 20 timepieces a year and the wish to remain loyal to this way of working and this watchmaking philosophy.

Alchemists Watches


Address: Villa Jolimont, 2350 Saignelégier, Switzerland