Alexander Nesterenko

Alexander Nesterenko designed his first watch as a homage to St. Petersburg, the city where he lives. And it’s also the hometown of the most successful watchmaker in Russia, Konstantin Chaykin, who inspired Nesterenko in his efforts to become a watchmaker. Moreover, St. Petersburg is a home city for the Petrodvorets Watch Factory, one of the oldest watch factories in Russia, producing the famous Raketa watches.

Alexander Nesterenko has been interested in mechanics since his childhood, and at the age of 27, he realized that working in the financial sector no longer brings him satisfaction, and he cannot imagine his future life without creation. After a motorcycle accident, Nesterenko found himself limited in movement, so his attention was drawn to a watch he had on his wrist. For him, a watch immediately became a piece of art, with an almost sacred meaning for its owner. He had many friends who loved watches, but they preferred to simply look at them and discuss them, rather than trying to make them themselves.

After a long search for mentors, Nesterenko finally met Konstantin Chaykin and this meeting once again convinced Nesterenko that he has chosen the right path and that he can make his dream come true.

To gain more experience, Nesterenko opened a watch repair and restoration workshop and then set about implementing his dream project - creating watches under his own brand.

The original style of his watches is immediately visible. The watchmaker from St. Petersburg is inspired by the art deco architecture of his beloved city and creates classic models featuring traditional Swiss and French elements with Nesterenko’s personal twist. The style of his watches is shaped by details: the central part of the dial is engraved with a guilloche pattern, a chapter ring mixing Arabic and Roman numerals, “pomme” hands, and a discreet crown with the brand’s logo.

The watch is equipped with a movement developed by Alexander Nesterenko based on the reliable Raketa-2609 caliber made during Soviet times by the Petrodvorets Watch Factory.

Like the works of many independent masters, Alexander Nesterenko's watches cannot be found in boutiques. Each timepiece is created in a single copy, for a specific client, and immediately falls into private collections.

 Alexander Nesterenko