Antoine Preziuso

Tradition, complications, innovation: these three words underpin the work of Antoine Preziuso, founder of the brand ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE. From his studies at Geneva’s Ecole d’Horlogerie – where he discovered his calling – to the creation of the Tourbillon of Tourbillons (in close collaboration with his son Florian), Antoine Preziuso has always been inspired by three powerful values: respect for watchmaking tradition; mastery of major complications; and a constant quest for innovation in technique and design. It was Antoine Preziuso, for instance, who conceived the first watch entirely in meteorite: case, dial, buckle and hands in 2002.

Antoine Preziuso was born in Geneva, in prime watchmaking territory, but is also proud of his Italian roots. His twin origins help explain the identity of his timepieces, with irreproachable technical quality allied to striking design. He swiftly became a passionate restorer of old timepieces, attracted by the savoir-faire of master-watchmakers of the past, and by the attention they lavished on the quality of finish. His respect for watchmaking tradition finds concrete expression in the watches he designs. The very first watch made by ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE, back in 1991, already bore the Geneva hallmark!

Antoine Preziuso is internationally recognized for his mastery of major complications, which connoisseurs can admire under his own name or in his regular work for other brands. His workshop produces minute-repeaters and perpetual calendar watches, although it is above all the Tourbillon that dominates his attention: a complication combining elegance, technique and poetry that has reigned supreme in the art of watchmaking for over two hundred years. The Tourbillon’s fascination lies in the number and size of its components and the movement of its cage, which recalls the movement of the stars. The Tourbillon is also the favoured means for Antoine Preziuso to continuously improve the chronometric quality of his timepieces.

ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE is a family business. The passion for watchmaking, the love of uniqueness, of the luxury of good manufacturing that comes only from time and experience are values that Antoine Preziuso claims and shares with his family members. May, his wife, has always been at his side. She is a source of undying support, in all aspects of life, not unlike a watchmaking calibre component; her role could be compared to that of a bridge. Solid and reliable. Or, perhaps better yet, to that of a differential, harmonizing as best as possible the forces and equilibriums within this extraordinary family. Laura, their daughter, expressing her talent by combining jewellery and watchmaking techniques in a mechanical jewellery collection. She is also teaching at the Geneva School of Applied Art. Florian, their son, has followed Antoine’s path. That of watchmaking and its technical difficulties that haunt you until you solve them. He is now closely involved in all the company's new designs, and masters every aspect of R&D and production.

Antoine Preziuso


Address: 1, chemin Plein Vent, CH-1228 Arare (Genève), Switzerland
Phone:+41 22 771 40 60