Anton Suhanov

Anton Suhanov, a Russian independent watchmaker, did not immediately get into the watch industry. After receiving a master's degree in CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM technology in mechanical engineering at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, he worked in a defense design bureau. In 2007, he was lucky enough to meet Konstantin Chaykin, who invited Anton to join his company for the position of chief designer, where he had worked for more than 10 years. Until 2018, Suhanov took part in all developments of the company and eventually became the head of the production, which brought him additional experience and knowledge about many nuances of watchmaking.

In 2016, Suhanov introduced the Black Clock, equipped with a triple-axis tourbillon, thanks to which he won the F.P.Journe Young Talent Competition held with the support of the AHCI (Academy of Independent Creators in Watchmaking).

Suhanov conceived the Black Clock and started working on it before he even knew about the competition. First, it was necessary to decide which complication to choose: he had already designed a regular tourbillon and a perpetual calendar desk clock for Konstantin Chaykin. Chiming clocks are also pretty common, he thought, but there are very few triple-axis tourbillon clocks, not to mention that this complication looks very impressive. This is how the Black Clock was born - the first triple-axis tourbillon clock in Russia.

In 2016, Suhanov introduced the Black Clock, equipped with a triple-axis tourbillon, thanks to which he won the F.P.Journe Young Talent Competition held with the support of the AHCI

After five years, Anton introduced several models, which are now familiar not only to watch connoisseurs in Russia but also around the world.

In 2019, Anton Suhanov founded his manufacture, and shortly released his first clock under the official Anton Suhanov brand name. The Pharos desk clock was inspired by one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Lighthouse of Alexandria also known as the Pharos of Alexandria.

Shaped like a traditional lighthouse, the clock is comprised of 472 parts, with dimensions of 190 mm x 86 mm x 86 mm, and a total weight of about 5 kg.

While the hours and minutes are displayed on the standard round dial, the main highlight is located under the sapphire dome - yet again a triple-axis tourbillon, the same one that allowed Suhanov to win first place in the F.P.Journe Young Talent Competition in 2016.

In 2020, an even more impressive desk clock was born. Called “Lotus”, it featured a mechanical lotus flower with a bud mounted on a long thin stem. The petals gradually open during the day, revealing a glass sphere within which a triple-axis tourbillon rotates like a butterfly.

Initially being interested in complicated desk models, in 2021 Suhanov made his first wristwatch called the Racer Jumping Hour GMT. This watch is inspired by the dashboard of vintage sports cars, with the tachometer located on the left, and the speedometer on the right. In this vein, Suhanov step by step made a dial with two retrograde hour and minute subdials, located on the left and right. According to the watchmaker, this design gives a sense of a glance at the dashboard of the car.

The whole process, starting with watch design, manufacturing, control, finishing, and assembly, takes place within the walls of the Suhanov manufacture located in St. Petersburg.

Anton Suhanov

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Anton Suhanov

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