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Atelier de Chronométrie

Atelier de Chronométrie was born in 2014 in Barcelona and is the embodiment of a romantic understanding of high-end watchmaking of a small group of passionate individuals. 

Brand's commitment was to create a new return to the past of artisanal and traditional watchmaking, mechanically as well as aesthetically, striving to recover the essence of this art. An art which encapsulates the manual processes where the hand is the key, the “thinking with our hands”; a deep and magical connexion between mind and hands.

Handcrafting timepieces offers an unlimited freedom to let our creativity flow and create one-of-a-kind watches, above and beyond standard customization. High-end timepieces with a refined timeless look inspired in the past, specially the 30’s and 40’s; a new interpretation of the past. A style that will remain forever.

  • 2014: the seed of AdC was sown in a coffe shop in the city center of Barcelona.
  • 2016: the debut into the independent watchmaking scene with the AdC1, an Observatoir Chronométre certified by l’Observatoire de Besançon in France. This chronometer would be the first timepiece to obtain such a certificate in Spanish watchmaking history.
  • 2017: the AdC4. It was brand's first cloisonné enamel dial and was executed in the traditional manner by the exceptional Catalan enamel artist Josep Ronsano.
  • 2019: the AdC6 and AdC7 were especially designed and created for the retailer Shellman in Tokyo for the Japanese collectors.
  • 2020: the AdC8, brand's first Split-second chronograph that was nominated in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.
  • 2021: the very special AdC21OW was specially designed and donated for the Only Watch charity auction that took place 6th November. This timepiece was sold for the benefit of research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
  • 2023: the M284 in-house time only calibre is launched for the first time, and it is presented in the AdC22.
Atelier de Chronométrie


Address: Mallorca 284, sótano 2, 08037 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 937 824 289