Bernies Watches

Bernies symbolizes the reflection of elegance, melding artisanal expertise with state of the art techniques to create watches representing your distinct essence. Pure lines, fine guilloche, unespected patterns, rigor and precision are a sampling of Bernies' strengths. 

It all began in 2016 when Bernard Van Ormelingen discovered  hand guilloche mainly intended for the decoration of watch dials. Passionate about watchmaking and the old techniques related to Métiers Rares, he founded the Bernies company and associated brand in 2017.

The company specializes in hand-engraving. The brand's dedicated craftsmen utilize extraordinary machinery and tools from ages past, such as straight line machine, tapestry and rose engines to name a few.

Bernies is producing 100% custom-made, or hand-engraved models, for Europe,  Switzerland,  Asia, and Middle East.

From inception to completion, one of a kind timepieces become a reality as the result of timeless ornamental techniques.

Introduction to hand guilloche

Guilloché, an engraving technique employed since the XVI century, is a delicate craft of creating fine and esquititely detailed patterns using tools such as rose engine machine.

A guillocheur engages in the process of turning the cranks of the tools to rotate the dial, while applying appropriate pressure to determine the depth and consistency of the engravings. This process is both very time-consuming and requires unwavering focus.

Given this meticulous process, it is not hard to understand why there are only a handful of guillocheurs in the world today.

With only his memory to guide him, the guillocheur aligns hundreds of lines according to a precise pattern. He allows the chisel to enter the chosen material and cut it at the precise point to form a specific pattern.

What characterizes hand guilloche is its final result: a multitude of wondrous reflections in the material worked.

Presentation of Bernard Van Ormelingen

A trained watchmaker, Bernies is also and above all a Guillocheur, and one of the last representatives of a craft that has almost disappeared in Belgium, Europe and on other continents: hand guilloche.

At 24 years old Bernard has already achieved much in the field of watchmaking, from which he graduates in 2019.

Also, since 2016, he is the only free apprentice of the Master Engraver Alain Lovenberg, who passed on to Bernard the coveted hand-guilloche, and with whom he continues to acquire and perfect other techniques such as damascene.

Based on his excellent 3D vision and unique ability to conceptualize, Bernard is able to project himself from the initial plan to the machining and obtain a remarkable rendering.

Bernies Watches

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Unique Artis Arti Rose Gold 39mm Automatic
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