Independent Watch Atelier of Aaron Becsei

Bexei Watches

Aaron Becsei is the youngest member of a three-generation watchmaker family.

From a very early age, he had been exposed to fine mechanical clocks and watches, as he was helping out his father and grandfather in performing repair work and restoration. Both of them are greatly respected names in the Hungarian scene of vintage watch collecting, having been the go-to repairmen for collectors of high-end, fine watches and clocks.

As no watch manufacturing in the traditional sense of the word had been practiced in Hungary for over a century, Aaron also started out by doing repair work.

He however, unlike his father and grandfather, soon felt motivated to create something very new and of his own, and so he went to learn watchmaking and CAD/CAM engineering in the hopes that this formal education would allow him to realize his plans and dreams.

As early as 2000, Aaron had been working on some of his first movement designs, it was in 2005 that Aaron graduated with honors from the Chamber of Engineering in Budapest in CAD/CAM programming.

At last, with the experience he gained through restoring fine watches and clocks and the knowledge he acquired through attending university, he was ready to start designing his first highly complicated watches and clocks.

At Baselworld 2005, he exhibited his first two clocks, the Miniature Double Pendule Zappler which is the size of a 1 euro coin and is fully mechanical, as well as the Tourbillon No.1. clock, an exquisite travel clock that was so impressive that Aaron had been elected as the youngest member of the AHCI, the renown academy of the world’s absolute best independent watchmakers.

In 2008, Aaron has presented his first wristwatch, the Primus Triple-Axis Tourbillon – an exquisite timepiece that not only featured Aaron’s proprietary triple-axis tourbillon design, but was also manufactured and assembled completely and solely by himself.

Today, Aaron offers three models but only unique pieces, and manufactures less than 8 movements a year.

Aaron designs all components himself, and the only parts that he receives in a raw, non-final form are the springs, the jewels, and the crystal, while the engravings are performed by a master-engraver in Hungary.

Every Bexei watch is a unique timepiece made exclusively for and with the customer, down to the finest details, including all engraving, the entire color scheme of the watch and the movement, as well as the materials used for the movement, dial, case and strap.

All components with the aforementioned exclusions are unique to Aaron and are crafted in his workshop in Budapest, Hungary.

Bexei Watches