Cédric Johner

Cédric Johner, a trained jeweler & master watchmaker, is a safeguard of ancestral watchmaking know-how. His career has been shaped through many experiences, from jewelry at Chopard - where it all started - to the world of watchmaking creation, where he founded his brand, Cédric Johner, in 1997.

30 years of excellence in watchmaking and jewelry have shaped its know-how. He is one of the last watchmaking craftsmen to practice his art in a traditional way without the help of new technologies. It suffices to discuss a few minutes with him to transcend the ages and realize this extremely rare heritage. His mastery of traditional tools and his thoroughness are the guarantors of this unique know-how.

He is often said to be a genius; evolving with a great openness while perpetuating and sharing knowledge from another era. Each watch is emotional and characterized by the uniqueness of its finishes.

Cédric Johner


Address: 1227 Carouge, Suisse
Phone: +41 79 216 89 66