Mike Cardew

Cardew Watches

Mike Cardew became interested in clocks and watches when he was very young, maybe 7-8. He used to stand next to his father who repaired the watches of various work colleagues. He would generally do this on a Sunday morning and then would go into Birmingham the following Saturday morning for any parts he required. In time he taught Mike to repair those watches.

However, when the ‘mechanical crash’ came in the late 70s, Mike stopped repairing and he didn’t touch a watch for many years.

His interest was re-kindled when after having a family, he found time for a hobby, resulting in him now making watches, which he has been doing now for nearly 20 years.

Mike has a small, but well equipped workshop (studio) in his home. He also has a further workshop in Shropshire housing his CNC milling machine. Mike makes 1-2 watches a year, and each watch is individual.

Cardew Watches