Tymofii Dolia


Hi! I'm Tymofii Dolia. I'm a Ukrainian Genitive watchmaker. Thanks to  my Grandfather I got the idea of the watches. I liked watching him repairinig old and new clocks and watches in his small room. It was like a magic to keep broken watch in my hand and find the reason of it's trouble. When I was listening to the clicking of the watch it was like listening to it's personal language. So the learning watchmaking was a great insert choise of my heart when I was 11. That was the beginning of a history of Dolia'S.

At the age of 14 I had allready serviced customer watches at my Granpa's workshop. But I felt I wanted to learn much more as just servicing simple watches. I had a dream to make my own designed watch but I had not enough of knowledge. I started looking for a school to study watchmaking. In 2015 I had a confirmation from IES Mare de Deu de Lamerce (watchmaking school in Barcelona). So I decided to go there to understand watchmaking, as it is. It was quite challengind as I didn't know Spanish well. Anyway studying was very interesting and it gave me a lot of opportunities to learn as new as old technologies. I graduated school at 2018. 

Thank's a lot for Pita Barcelona for a great experience, knowledge and vision about watchmaking, as I had at same time, when I was studing. Nowadays, I'm working with high end watches, and making some of them like from insert desire of my heart, in Prague, giving them a piece of myself, and enjoy my family life.


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