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Founded in 2014 by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick creates timepieces inspired by historical English watchmaking at their Norfolk-based manufacture. The brand prefers to create limited editions or bespoke watches, no more than 50 pieces per year. From the very beginning, the brand has strived to create most of its components in-house, including the free-sprung balance, hands, crown, and bridges, all of which boast a superb level of hand-finishing.

The Shaftesbury SM301 watch was the brand’s first model introduced in 2014. The model was equipped with a vintage Unitas 6498 movement from the 1950s featuring Garrick’s very own free-sprung balance and bridges and with a dial style very much in the classic vein.

Gradually improving their skills and acquiring a unique style, later the company released Hoxton, Norfolk, and Regulator models.

The quintessential Garrick style lies in the pocket watch-inspired design with guilloché dial and blued hands with unusually large “anchor” counterweights, inspired by early English marine chronometers.

In 2016, the brand introduced the Portsmouth watch with an exclusive movement designed by renowned Swiss watchmaker Andreas Strehler and his company Uhr Teil AG. Most of the movement components, as well as the pleasant hand-finishing, were made in the Garrick workshop in Norfolk.

The architecture of the movement is quite unusual since the large free-sprung balance wheel is located right on the dial. The design of the movement, with its prominent balance bridge, is a tribute to the typically British watchmaking.

After that Garrick introduced the S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5 models. The latter still possesses many elements drawn from 18th-century English watches executed in a modern way.

The quintessential Garrick style lies in the pocket watch-inspired design with guilloché dial and blued hands with unusually large “anchor” counterweights, inspired by early English marine chronometers. The dial, like most of the components of the watch, is crafted entirely by hand in the brand's workshop, which creates many opportunities for personalization. A customer can choose between an enamel or guilloche dial, and order a personalized cartouche on the dial or the case back. The movement can optionally be decorated with Geneva waves, frosting, floral engravings, or other finishing styles.



Address: Unit 2, Fletcher Way, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3ST, United Kingdom
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