Hajime Asaoka

Hajime Asaoka Tokyo Japan’s watches are designed, manufactured, and assembled by him. The beautiful design by Asaoka, a former product designer, extends not only to the exterior but also to the movement. Since he makes each watch without compromise, the annual production is limited to only a few watches. 

His representative works are Tsunami, a three-hand watch with a full-plate movement, Project T, a tourbillon watch that uses ball bearings instead of ruby jewel bearings, and Chronograph, which is based on the Tsunami movement with a new module.

After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, Undergraduate School of Fine Art, Design Department, he established Hajime Asaoka Design Officein 1992 and began his career as a product designer. 

Having designed a watch, he taught himself watchmaking and started manufacturing watches in 2005. In 2009, he launched Japan’s first wristwatch with an in-house tourbillon movement, and in 2011, he began selling his own watches under the name Hajime Asaoka Tokyo Japan, becoming a pioneer among independent Japanese watchmakers. In 2016, he founded Precision Watch Tokyo Co., Ltd. and serves as CEO.

Hajime Asaoka


Address: Maeda Bldg. 230, 2-13-2, Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0005, Japan
Phone: +81 3 5981 9491