David Lowinger

Lowinger Watches

Lowinger Watches is the brainchild of David Lowinger, based in Saxony, Germany. 

By profession, David is a real estate analyst. But, starting in 2014, he began to teach himself the art of watch design and watchmaking. 

For an individual with no formal watchmaking training, nor any horological work experience, the feats of his hard work are even more incredible. Led by a hobbyist’s passion for watches, he taught himself CAD, lathework, milling, and CNC machining so he could design and develop his own timepieces. 

Since the start, his goal has always been to produce as many parts as possible in-house. While an entirely in-house movement is some way off, some of his watches to date are pretty incredible when you consider that they’re based on preexisting movements.

Lowinger Watches