Luca Soprana

Luca Soprana was born in Valdagno, Italy, where his family has owned and operated a watch repair shop for four generations. Growing up in and around the family shop, where he would work during the school holidays, Soprana developed a keen interest in everything mechanical — especially the movements of highly precise marine chronometers.

At 26, Soprana relocated to Switzerland to take study at WOSTEP, where he was a contemporary of Kari Voutilainen and studied under Stephen McDonald. Later, Soprana would become a teacher at the same school.

After leaving WOSTEP, Soprana worked for various manufactures and watchmakers in Switzerland including Vulcain and Vianney Halter, where he worked on the TRIO and the Janvier N˚1. Later, at BNB Concept, a manufacture of highly complicated watch movements, Soprana worked as the head of its prototyping workshop where he helped develop the Concord Tourbillon Gravity. Soprana then went to work for Patek Philippe, and then for Rolex, before deciding to establish his own, independent atelier, 7h38, in the castle of Vaumarcus.

Most recently, Soprana has worked to develop the Astronomia Tourbillon for Jacob & Co., and the DPW 01 for Derek Pratt, along with other, confidential projects.

Soprana lives near Neuchâtel, Switzerland with his wife and three children. When he is not in his workshop, you may find him out skiing or sailing around Lake Neuchâtel.

Luca Soprana