Ludovic Rohrer

Ludovic Rohrer lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has an impressive resume full of famous watch brands. 

He currently works for Cabestan Watches and in his spare time is developing an amazing movement. 

He started the work in 2010 by retrofitting an ETA 6497 movement with a tourbillon. Now, Rohrer's movement  contains a Gafner system tourbillon. This tourbillon displays dead seconds, while the rementoir provides constant torque to the balance. It does this with a complicated escape wheel that includes a Reuleaux triangle, rementoir spring, 15 tooth lever escape wheel, and a custom 3 tooth escape wheel, all co-axially mounted. 

In addition, the movement features jumping digital time indication, and date, displayed on transparent discs. Absolutely impressive work, that looks like it is nearing completion.

Ludovic Rohrer