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The McGonigle brothers grew up around clocks and watches. Their father, Johnny McGonigle, developed a reputation locally as a clock repair enthusiast. As a consequence, friends and acquaintances would bring clocks and watches for repair.

The constant presence of timepieces in varying stages of disrepair and repair, was the beginning of what ultimately led to Ireland's only authentic handmade watches. McGonigle Watches specialize in unique pieces and mechanisms with high complications.


Stephen graduated from the Irish Swiss Institute of Horology in Dublin in 1996 winning a scholarship to Switzerland.


Following this he worked for Somlo Antiques in Piccadilly, London as a specialist in the restoration of fine antique watches.


In 1998 he joined Christophe Claret. There he developed prototypes, Complications, Tourbillons, Automates and Minute Repeaters.


He went on to join Frank Muller where he worked in the production and after sales service of complications and gained experience with the Grande Sonnerie.


He then moved to Breguet as Head of Complications for After Sales Service and had the opportunity to work on the restoration of the famous Sympathique clock.


Later he worked at British Masters as Head of Complications.


Stephen then opened his own independent atelier creating complications for some of the most prestigious names in watchmaking.


The McGonigle Watch brand was created.


McGonigle launches their first timepiece the Tourbillon.


McGonigle Watches launched their first time-only in-house calibre movement, the Tuscar.


On the 17th March 2016 we launched our most complicated watch to date, the Ceol Minute Repeater


Stephen is honored at the 2018 Temporis Awards as he is inducted into the Temporis Hall of Fame
McGonigle Watches


Address: 58 Garville Lane, Dublin 6, Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland