Independent Watchmaking Studio

Minhoon Yoo

Studio Minhoon Yoo is an independent watchmaking studio in Seoul, South Korea. Established in 2020. The goal of studio is designing and fabricating watches with originality while maintaining independence.

He was born in Busan in 1990, moved to Seoul in 2010 for his education in Art college. He received a BA in metal art & design from Hongik University in Feb 2016. He opened his workshop with his graduation, has been collecting machines and books about watchmaking.

Once he had wanted to become an artist making ‘art-furnitures’, like his seniors with successful careers in the field. He was interested in expressing his own idea, as a full time artist. But he found out the world of indie watchmaking along the way. He was fascinated by the technical aspect of watchmaking, and room for self-expression in being independent.

For him independent watchmaking is a form of art, done in a format of watch. He is starting his career as an indie watchmaker with Carved Piece project, looking forward to make more interesting watches in the future with creative concepts and ideas.

Minhoon Yoo