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Molnar Fabry

Slovakia hasn't been especially famous for creating one-off haute horlogerie timepieces before, but thanks to Molnar Fabry things have changed. Two skilled watchmakers, Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry, founded their small watch atelier to specialize in a rather rare direction: they create one-of-a-kind timepieces using vintage movements.

Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry started working together in 2002. Initially, they were engaged in the jewelry business, but four years later they began to make unique skeleton watches based on ETA and Unitas movements.

Today, the brand boasts a whole collection of watches created for the most demanding customers, introducing no more than ten unique timepieces every year. No wonder, because it takes from 300 to 800 hours to create one such work of art.

One of the brand's famous works is called the Nightingale Minute Repeater, which is built on a heavily modified and decorated vintage Paul H. Matthey watch movement, which is 128 years old. While the balance frequency of 2.5 Hz is not archaic at all. 

The pink gold case was made almost entirely by hand by Michal and Igor, and the movement parts were masterfully decorated with historical banknote engraving, beveled and rhodium-plated. 

Another iconic timepiece is the Time Machine Regulator 911, a one-of-a-kind watch designed for the owner of a Porsche 911. To highlight the watch’s connection to the iconic car, it is crafted in a titanium case in the same grade as the Porsche wheel bolts. Grade 5 titanium used in watches is a reinforced titanium alloy with aluminum, vanadium, and iron added to make it significantly stronger than commercially pure grade 2 titanium. Compared to the 316L steel used by most watchmakers in sports models, grade 5 titanium is lighter, stronger, harder, and has greater corrosion resistance.

In this skeleton watch Molnar Fabry reinvented the classic design with retro elements. Using their jeweler expertise, Slovakian watchmakers created an architectural and layered dial, revealing the watchmaking magic of the ETA 6498-1 movement.

Molnar Fabry

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Molnar Fabry

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