Independent Watch Brand

Naoya Hida & Co.

NAOYA HIDA & Co. is a Japanese premium watch brand based in Tokyo.

The company NH WATCH Co. Ltd. was founded by Naoya HIDA in March 2018. The company manufactures and sells a limited number of mechanical watches for enthusiasts. NH WATCH Co. Ltd. also offers training and consulting on all aspects of luxury products.

Naoya HIDA is an expert in the high-end horology business. Since 1990, he has worked in sales and marketing sector for several foreign trading companies. After representing F.P. Journe and Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry in Japan, he founded NH WATCH in 2018. Based on his extensive experience in selling ultra high-end products, he also works as a trainer to teach high value product sales skills.

NH TYPE 1B, the first timepiece from the brand, was introduced in 2019 and it has been sold out. In 2020, the company added two more models: NH TYPE 1C and NH TYPE 2A.

Naoya Hida & Co.


Address: 3-2-10 Tsukiji, Chuoh-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan