Norifumi Seki

Norifumi Seki completed his first timepiece, the Sphere Moon Phase Pocket Watch, at 23 years old. Also, he became the first Asian to win the esteemed F.P Journe Young Talent Competition.

Though inspired by the works of past watchmakers, Mr Seki’s creation is surprisingly novel in both aesthetics and construction, especially since it is essentially a school project.

Based in Tokyo, Mr Seki has trod a short path to create this impressive watch. After graduating from junior high school in Japan, his interest in mechanics and craftsmanship led him to fabricate simple objects, including a beautifully-made folding knife.

In 2016, Mr Seki met Masahiro Kikuno – arguably Japan’s most interesting contemporary watchmaker – who inspired him to manufacture a watch by hand. And so at age 18, Mr Seki entered Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, a school in Tokyo’s Shibuya district that also teaches watchmaking and shoemaking.

During his final year in school, Mr Seki started on his own watch. It’s a large pocket watch with a regulator-style time display, oversized date and month indicators, along with an extra-large spherical moon phase. A heady mix of haute horlogerie with a pinch of steam punk luxe through those exquisitely hand-crafted details. 

Norifumi Seki