Otsuka-Lotec is based in Tokyo, Japan and is run by a watchmaker Jiro Katayama. 

“Otsuka” is a name of the neighborhood located in Toshima, Tokyo, which blends traditional Tokyo flavor with recent efforts at gentrification. And “Lotec” stands for low technology. By that the brand means that their timepieces are made by hand, or using simple industrial machines.

Essentially, every component is made in-house, except the base movement, some rubies, the glass, and, obviously, the straps.

The production capacity of this small brand is very limited. In 2022 the brand delivered only 71 timepieces. The watches are simply called the No.5, the No.6, the No.7 and the No.7.5. There’s nothing in the market like Otsuka-Lotec’s watches, not in Japan, not in other parts of the world.