Independent Watch Brand

Parris daCosta Hayashima

Parris daCosta Hayashima was founded by Richard, Thomas and Satoshi. They have been close friends for years, and share a love of fine watchmaking. Together they set out to create something of genuine quality: combining the skills of Switzerland's finest watchmakers and Japan's master craftsmen.

Three friends founded Parris daCosta Hayashima to create timepieces that represent their values. They are not interested in big name brands and high volume. Their inspirations are quality of manufacture, hand finishing; local craftsmanship, and expertise that takes generations to build.

The brand's manufacture is the synergy of craftsmanship between Japan and Switzerland. In Fleurier, Val de Travers and Yame, Kyushu  exist technical, cultural and artistic skills that have taken generations to master.

Parris daCosta Hayashima


Address: Akasaka Yuraku Building 3F (Biznavi), 1-13-10 Akasaka Fukuoka, 810-0042 Japan