Independent Watch Brand


Phenomen is a French watchmaking brand which embodies audacity, performance and modernity. The brand designs inspiring timepieces that reflect a traditional Gallic flair, a desire for perfection and a passion for high-performance automotive design.

Born from the world of concept cars and powered by state-of-the-art mechanics, each of the pieces from the PH-01 collection pays an ultimate tribute to driver’s watches, so as to remind you that, in this daily race against time, you are the pilot.

Design is at the heart of this adventure: learning how to observe, how to read shapes, colours, lines and contrasts; and build something substantial, hybrid and inspiring… a phenomenal piece.

In recent years, the watchmaking world has given priority to calibres.

Phenomen intends to give an equal place to design, by asserting our identity loud and clear, through a highly accomplished work on surfaces and equally ambitious technical study of materials, angles, volumes and proportions, and finishes.

Since then, Phenomen has worked on making PH-01 even more striking, by designing new exclusive components and  styles as an expression of French creativity, but also of what the brand can offer to the independent watchmaking world by sharing inspirations from personal encounters and experiences.

In addition to offering different styles,  Phenomen is keen to offer a personalisation service that goes beyond material constraints so that each watch becomes as unique as its owner. 



Address: 39, avenue de l'Observatoire, 25 000 Besançon, France
Phone: + 33 3 70 50 01 79