Roger W Smith

"I established the Roger W Smith studio in 2001 with an unswerving ethos to craft watches to a peerless standard of horological excellence.

My journey has been one of continual discovery. Mastering the Daniels Method, the art of hand-crafting a watch (devised by my mentor, the great George Daniels) was my first great challenge.

Since then, I have spent the last decade exploring the future of mechanical watchmaking. This has taken me into previously unexplored territory. Ultimately, discovering new worlds of possibility within the microcosm of timekeeping is what I hope will define me as the watchmaker.

Today, we are working at the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking performance. We’re applying next generation science to what has always been regarded a traditional art form. I believe we are also staying true to the tradition of British watchmaking which has always been about discovery.

Ultimately, my commitment is to my ethos. That’s why we make just twelve watches each year. And it’s why every watch remains both a work of mechanical art and a celebration of what is possible."

Dr. Roger W Smith OBE. The Watchmaker.

Roger W Smith


Address: PO Box 67, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM99 4LN, British Isles
Phone: +44(0)1624 897943