Romeo Ferraris

Romeo Angelo Ferraris started his career in 1959, working on Giancarlo Baghetti’s Lancia racecar. Today, he can boast 69 championship titles and over a thousand race victories to his name.

In 1965, he opened his own workshop in Opera (Milan), which features highly innovative facilities and a showroom. Its advanced technical equipment and specially-trained staff that few in Europe can equal, bring to the workshop the necessary know-how to develop winning racecars, as well as the capacity and taste needed to create a broad variety of products. 

The talent, creativity and enthusiasm of Ferraris can be seen not only in car mechanics but also in his passion for signature timepieces: the Romeo Ferraris Milano stopwatch is a one of its kind, exquisitely crafted in all its details.

In ten years of travel and research, Romeo Ferraris manages to build the first and only Italian manufacturer capable of producing any component from scratch, except for isochronisms, purchasing and restoring manual machinery and bringing back to life techniques that have almost disappeared such as enamelling and hand silvering.

After almost thirty years of activity, Romeo Ferraris is now able to conduct the entire process of creating a watch in-house: from the research and development of the case and modules, to the handcrafted realization of the straps, giving life to an artisanal production of watches, each born from the pen and hands of Romeo.

Romeo Ferraris


Address:Via Lambro, 33, 20090 Opera MI, Italy
Phone: +39 02 5760 1636