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Sartory Billard

Sartory Billard was founded in 2015 with a simple idea –design and create timepieces that capture and express the unique history and personality of their owner. 

The first three model series (SB01, SB02, and SB03) put Sartory Billard on the radar of watch enthusiasts around the world. The current SB04 and SB05 families have enabled Armand Billard to further refine and develop a unique style of hand craftsmanship and incorporate it into his vision of what bespoke watches could be. 

The brand’s vision is global, and it translates into a wide range of customization possibilities, giving free rein to the client’s imagination. The results have been well documented by not only their owners, but the world’s watch journalists and enthusiasts.

A former independent designer and director of his own design agency, Armand Billard began his adventure in watchmaking in 2015. His goal was to bring his own vision to the world of watchmaking, while opening new doors for the creativity of his customers. After selling his design agency, Armand immersed himself in his new profession, steeping himself in the techniques of watchmaking, which were totally unknown to him up to then.

With a strong entrepreneurial drive, he decided to surround himself with talented craftsmen, while focusing on learning new skills. His ultimate goal? Offer high-quality custom watches, combining the use of premium materials and advanced techniques, with all watches finished and assembled in France. Armand Billard is now able to harness the imagination of his customers’ creativity, helping them manifest their horological dreams into highly-personalized Sartory Billard watches. Armand ensures that the customer is at the heart of his work, and ensures that they are intimately involved in the process, making them a true co-creator of their watch.

Sartory Billard took its first steps into the world of watchmaking in 2015 with the creation of the SB01, a model initially intended to be a personal project to celebrate a milestone birthday, which Armand Billard developed with Ludovic Sartory. The following year the SB02 took over from the brand’s inaugural model. This new model aimed to offer a “do it yourself” customization opportunity with bezels that could be changed by the customer with the use of a simple tool, and straps with quick change springs that could be changed by hand. Assembled in France, the SB02 was offered at a truly affordable price.

Sartory Billard then launched the SB03 in 2019, a new model that once again aimed to satisfy his customers’ quest for personalization.

In 2020, after a great deal of experimentation and research, the SB03 gave way to a more polished and refined vision of a customized watch: personalization paired with high-quality materials – the SB04.

The success of the SB04 led to the creation of the SB05 in 2021. 

The SB05 sports a slightly smaller dial, a better movement and more finely refined details, resulting in a significantly higher quality watch. This pursuit of excellence led to a partnership with Comblémine for the production and assembly of the model, a manufacturer located in Switzerland and well known for working with talented independent watchmakers. 

Sartory Billard had the honor of seeing its SB05 “Black Mother of Pearl and Dark Grained Titanium” model selected for the GPHG 2022.

Sartory Billard