Independent Watch Brand


A native Englishman, Peter Speake-Marin originally intended to make jewelry, but could not resist the lure of watchmaking. While he undertook formal horological education at the Hackney Technical College of London, and later at WOSTEP in Neuchatel, it was during the years he spent at Somlo Antiques, that he developed his watchmaking passion. In Somlo shop in Piccadilly, he had the privilege of restoring the watches of great masters and houses, including Dent, Arnold, Frodsham, Nielson, Breguet, and Patek Philippe. Working on these watch treasures showed him how the masters of the past worked, which spurred, even more, his desire to improve his skills and knowledge in watchmaking.

In 1996, Peter began to develop his own movements, and his first creation was a tourbillon pocket watch, or Foundation Watch, which defined the philosophy and style of the brand in the future. It featured the tall, drum-shaped Piccadilly case, distinctively shaped ribbed crown, blued “ace of spades” hour hand, and intricate hand engraving. All these features have later become Speake-Marin’s hallmarks, while his signature style is strongly influenced by traditional watchmaking of the early 20th century. 

The tourbillon cage of the Foundation Watch was inspired by the triskelion-shaped topping tool, which is basically a drive wheel of an old watchmaker's machine. The triskelion symbol has also become the brand's corporate logo.

In 2002, the British master watchmaker decided to establish his own watch brand in Switzerland, with a workshop located between Geneva and Lausanne, and in 2003 at the Baselworld watch fair Peter presented his first timepiece made under his own brand.

In 2006 he created his second watch, the Project Z3 automatic tourbillon for Harry Winston, in 2008 he collaborated with MB&F on Horological Machine No.1. Also, Peter was one of the three watchmakers who designed the Chapter One and Chapter Two watches for Maîtres du Temps in 2009. In all his creations, Peter Speke-Marin pays tribute to the traditions of watchmaking.

In 2009 Peter Speake-Marin introduced a watch equipped with his unique in-house caliber SM2, hand-finished to the highest standards of modern horology. An independent manufacture with aesthetics rooted in classical horology, Speake-Marin uses grand feu enamel dials and hand-engraved German silver movements to make bespoke watches for the most discerning collectors.

Acquired in 2012 by an ambitious and ardent female entrepreneur, Christelle Rosnoblet, today the brand is distinguished by a blend of boldness, style and passion. Expressing sophisticated modern style, the resulting timepieces are resolutely powerful examples of “Belle Horlogerie”.

Speake-Marin creates “Belle Horlogerie” collections for those who want to wear a unique watch on their wrist. Speake-Marin finds inspiration for its work in modern architecture and design, reflected in contemporary design for movements and dials, combined with a distinctive timeless case.



Address: Avenue de Miremont 33C, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41 21 695 26 55