Thierry Ducret

Watchmaking teacher since 1996 at the renowned  Morteau Highschool, where he himself graduated, Thierry Ducret has trained generations of watchmaking artists working in the most prestigious workshops in France, Switzerland, and the rest of the world.

All along his career, this strong involvement to teaching pushed him to personally apply the excellence and knowledges he transmits. Thus, in 2007, Thierry became one of the Best Craftsmen of France, wining the horology competition with a 300 hours work pocket watch.

First of all passionate and humble, he's always enjoying the interest and diversity of the projects he has to care about. By seeking technique and creativity, in 2017 he started  working on the conception of an unprecedented   system, which will lead after more than 2 years of work and confection to the first artisanal creation of the Thierry Ducret brand. 

At this moment only one model has been finished, engraved one out of ten on the back, but the final released quantity is still undetermined due to the patience and the workload required.

All the parts, lever, spring, wheels, bridges, bottom plate, balance, waterproof stainless steel box, were manufactured at the home workshop in Flangebouche. The alligator strap was created on purpose by a luxury leather goods company located at 3 km, and the glasses were manufactured in Morteau. Only a few gear wheels came frome beyond the region, th'at is how much we care about local crafting. 

The main complication of the watch is that the barrel spring and the time display are precisly both on the same central axis, wich implies a specific construction of the whole movement.

Thierry Ducret

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Thierry Ducret

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