Timothé Raguin

In 2018, Timothé Raguin won the F.A. Lange Watchmaking Excellence Award with his regulator watch. 

With a perfectly executed regulator, additionally equipped with jumping seconds and a 24-hour display, Timothé Raguin fulfilled all four criteria of the competition: originality, technical functionality, quality of craftsmanship and aesthetic implementation.

According to the jury, the work is well above average, both in terms of technology and craftsmanship. The idea and implementation of the jumping seconds with an escapement of its own and day/night indicator fully convinced the jury.

The construction and execution of the movement are functional and well balanced. The design as well as the arrangement of the displays and cocks is coherent and well thought out. The calibre design reveals the French watch making tradition, which has here been interpreted in a contemporary way.

Raguin studied at the Lycée Edgar Faure in Morteau, France. Since his award, Raguin began work on a new tourbillon watch, and it appears to be complete. It is fascinating to see all the steps along the way to building a finished watch, which Raguin clearly shows on his Instagram account. 

First we see the initial renderings of the watch, which feature a delicately curved tourbillon bridge and wheels with curved spokes. Then we see the manufacturing and quality control steps, where he is working on the mainplate, and testing freedom of his wheels and tourbillon carriage. Next we see the complete tourbillon running but unfinished. Finally we see the finished watch and its dial. Raguin is clearly a watchmaker with a bright future.    

Timothé Raguin