Verbin Watches

Verbin Watches is a father-son duo located in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod city.

In their watch atelier Sergey and Mikhail Verbin produce their own dials and retrograde modules. Their “Sonare Retro” watch with jumping hour, retrograde minutes and seconds indication was released as a limited edition of eight pieces.

The unique mechanism of the jumping hour and retrograde minutes in the “Sonare Retro” watch is Verbin’s invention. Father and son managed to achieve high reliability of the movement in conditions of active wear and in stressful situations, while minimizing the load on the base caliber. To do this, watchmakers have developed a mechanism for locking the hour disc at the position of the current hour, which made the mechanism resistant to external forces.

The module platine and the titanium case of the watch are specially shaped in order to make the sound of the actuating of the jumping hour mechanism is very clear, slightly resonant and pleasant to the ear. Hence the model's name - Sonare Retro. 

“Sonare” from Latin means “to sound”, “Retro” means retrograde. Thus, the name of the model contains the entire original idea - Verbin wanted to make not only a visually beautiful watch, but also to make the actuating sound of the movement as crystal clear as possible. So remaining in silence, the watch would give pleasant emotions not only with its appearance, but also delight with the sound of the mechanism's operation, allowing you to literally feel its work.

Verbin Watches